Deakin University’s Strategic Research and Innovation Centre in Education, the Centre for Research for Educational Impact (REDI) is a connected, collaborative, and vibrant research centre that delivers and translates high quality education research into outcomes that are relevant and meaningful to our communities.

Since it was established in 2016, REDI has become a critical centre of educational ideas and innovation. We ask ‘the big questions’ about education as it evolves with society. Our research supports the development of effective and resilient education systems that ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and lifelong learning opportunities for all.

Under the leadership of Deakin Distinguished Professor Julianne Moss, REDI brings together more than 50 researchers working on research programs from early childhood through to higher education – focusing on a wide range of professional, policy and practise issues that are both in and out of school systems.

Our members are leaders in the study of graduate teachers, international student education, STEM and STEM education, digital learning, assessment, early childhood learning and education, diversity and social justice.

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You can search from our list of REDI members by name, research theme or speciality on our members page.