Ground-breaking initiative supports graduate teachers in regional Victoria

The Graduate Teachers Professional Learning Program (GTPLP) was a ground-breaking initiative developed and delivered by REDI researchers on behalf of Beyond the Bell (BtB). 

This project was designed to address the relative disadvantage experienced by children and young people in Victoria’s Great South Coast region by providing a series of professional learning activities to teachers who were in their first to fourth year of teaching. The project specifically targeted graduate teachers in areas like Moyne, Southern Grampians, Corangamite, Warrnambool City, and Glenelg throughout 2023.

With approximately 80 graduate teachers in the region, the GTPLP made a significant impact. Fifty-seven teachers participated in the pre-program survey and 24 actively engaged in the program.

What made the GTPLP effective was its tailored approach. It was developed based on input from graduate teachers themselves, addressing their specific professional needs. Overall, teachers felt well-prepared for core teaching tasks. They sought support primarily in professional development, mentorship, and well-being, with many indicating the need for more structured support systems.

The majority of participants were in their first or second year of teaching, highlighting the importance of early-career support. Additionally, many teachers were employed on fixed, full-time contracts, with a significant number working in primary schools.

Despite their qualifications and dedication, there were concerning trends regarding employment intentions. While nearly half expressed a desire to stay in the profession long-term, an almost equal number were undecided or considering leaving. This uncertainty, especially among recent graduates, is something that must be addressed.

The GTPLP has been an invaluable resource for graduate teachers, providing them with opportunities to explore their professional identity, well-being, and practice. Find out more about the project.


News 20 March 2024