HDR scholarship opportunities! Young Workers and Post-Industrial Citizenship

Two PhD scholarships are offered as part of a wider program of Australian Research Council funded research that explores the experiences of young workers in relation to questions of political participation and employment precarity. This program of work is led by Dr David Farrugia and is exploring issues connected with identity, skills and productivity, and labour practices, all in relation to the role of young workers in public life. The program is conceptually driven and critical, employing qualitative methods. It spans disciplinary areas including education, youth studies, labour studies and branches of sociology connected with politics and economic life.

Students would be supported to develop a project in an area aligned with the broader program of research on issues connected to young workers, work, labour and politics. Within this, issues connected with migration, ethnicity, gender and sexuality, student workers, or other similar topics would be welcome. Potential candidates should consider how their ideas might connect with the overall program of research, and a project idea can be developed in consultation with Dr Farrugia.

Applications close 5pm, Monday 2 October 2023.

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News 23 August 2023
Keywords: labour marketworkyoung peopleyouth