REDI team delivers teacher education insights at Helsinki conference

Left to right: Marcus Horwood, Brandi Fox, Sharanya Menon, Harsha Chandir, Trevor McCandless.

A contingent of REDI researchers presented seven research abstracts at the ‘Reimagining Teachers and Teacher Education for Our Futures’ conference in Helsinki last week.

The conference, organised and hosted by the Faculty of Educational Sciences at the University of Helsinki in collaboration with the UNITWIN UNESCO network on Teacher Education for Social Justice and Diversity, brought together researchers, teacher educators, teachers and policy makers to explore the future of the teaching profession and teachers’ work, and the crucial role that teachers have in shaping the critical skills that are necessary for future generations.

REDI was represented by Dr Marcus Horwood, Dr Brandi Fox, Dr Harsha Chandir, Dr Trevor McCandless and PhD candidate Sharanya Menon, who was awarded a REDI Global Connections grant to travel to Helsinki for the conference.

‘We are thrilled to have had such a strong representation from our Centre at this pivotal conference,’ said Professor Julianne Moss, Director REDI.

‘It’s a testament to the quality of the research being done at REDI and our commitment to advancing research in teacher education and social justice,’ she said.

‘It was excellent attending sessions with educators from countries not often present at Australian conferences such as countries in Africa, Scandinavia and the Baltic region,’ said Dr Brandi Fox.

‘People were certainly surprised to see an Australian contingent and all of our presentations were very well attended making for great questions and commentary about teacher education in Australia,’ she said.

Dr Brandi Fox.

‘Some of the sessions were incredibly inspiring and not at all what I might have expected at such a conference. The one that comes to mind immediately was from the first day where we were asked to choose images from beautiful cards that matched our teacher identity. We were then given drawing materials and asked to continue the drawing from the card and finally to write a brief explanation of what we had drawn. It was very powerful and some of the people in the session became immediate friends,’ said Dr Trevor McCandless.

‘Such a great conference and Helsinki University is stunningly beautiful, as is Finland generally.’

Dr Trevor McCandless.

The REDI team presented the following abstracts:

  • 2F Research Papers: Access
    Educating for globally competent teachers
    Dr Harsha Chandir, Trevor McCandless, Brandi Fox, Julianne Moss, Matthew Thomas, Amanda Mooney
  • 3H Research Papers: Emergencies and crises
    Teacher wellbeing: a Research Synthesis
    Dr Marcus Horwood, Julianne Moss, Harsha Chandir
  • 4E Best Practices: Equality and equity
    Collaborative autoethnography as a tool for transformative praxis for social justice
    Dr Brandi Fox, Dylan Scanlon, Cassandra Iannucci
  • 5F Research Papers: Access
    Enabling collaboration for early career teachers who “need more time!”
    Dr Brandi Fox, Trevor McCandless, Harsha Chandir, Julianne Moss, Matthew Thomas, Amanda Mooney
  • 6A Symposium
    Navigating and Redefining Horizons in the Future-Proof Era
    Examining North-South teacher education partnerships through a de/post-colonial theoretical framework.
    Sharanya Menon, Julianne Moss, Radhika Gorur
  • 6F Research Papers: Access
    The Compliant Disciplinarian: The metaphorical teacher in Australian policy and professional learning
    Dr Trevor Mccandless, Julianne Moss, Harsha Chandir, Brandi Fox, Matthew Thomas, Amanda Mooney
  • 7G Research Papers: Equality and Equity
    Ready for Most Things: The Classroom Readiness of Early Career Teachers
    Professor Julianne Moss, McCandless Trevor, Fox Brandi, Matthew Thomas, Harsha Chandir
News 24 June 2024