Teacher workforce project awarded ARC linkage grant

A team of REDI researchers led by Dr Ben Arnold and Professor Jill Blackmore has been awarded an ARC Linkage Project grant for the project ‘Attracting and retaining a culturally diverse teacher workforce’.

There is widespread recognition that the teacher workforce is in crisis with high rates of attrition, reduced domestic applicants into initial teacher education (ITE), and hard-to-staff schools particularly in the public sector. Less often mentioned in Australia are the stark discrepancies between the cultural diversity of the general population, the student population and the teaching profession.

Diversifying the teacher workforce is important because it may help enhance the sustainability of the workforce. It can also foster a more inclusive and supportive learning environment, leading to social, emotional, and academic benefits for students.

This Deakin partnership with teacher, parent and principal organisations will investigate the factors impacting a culturally diverse teacher workforce in public schools. The research will focus on three transition stages of the teacher career pathway that have an impact on attracting, recruiting and retaining teachers. These stages are: the formation of student aspirations and perceptions of teaching, the experiences of ITE of culturally and linguistically diverse students, and teacher graduate access to and experiences of teaching.

Through guides, reports, research publications and videos to be shared with key stakeholders and the public, the project will advance knowledge and provide insights into strategies related to student career choices and the creation of interculturally capable and culturally safe schools. This will benefit all students, particularly those in disadvantaged communities.

The project team includes Dr Ben Arnold, Professor Jill Blackmore, Dr Katrina MacDonald, Dr Tebeje Molla, Associate Professor Linda Hobbs, Dr Marcus Horwood, Dr Mark Rahimi, Dr Aleryk Fricker, Associate Professor Michiko Weinmann, Mr Jonathon Guy, Ms Debbie Morgan-Frail.

More details about the project here.

Dr Ben Arnold and Professor Jill Blackmore

News 27 June 2024