Supporting finance-related curriculum innovation

The challenge

Regardless of their age, school students are learning about money within their families, friendships, and online (including via media and social media). Before they hit the classroom each day, most have experienced a financial exchange of some sort, usually involving technology.

While students want finance-related lessons that connect with their real world and are useful to their financial future, teachers can find it hard to know what and how to teach about money.

Recent revisions to the Australian Curriculum and the Victorian Curriculum to strengthen young people’s access to financial education at school are well-timed, but school leaders and teachers need support to understand the changes and enact the curriculum well.

Project overview

REDI’s Dr Carly Sawatzki and Associate Professor Jill Brown design courses and learning tasks that support preservice and practising teachers to teach differently, by helping them to connect students’ classroom learning with the real world.

Carly and Jill are internationally recognised for their thought leadership on young people’s financial capability (financial literacy/financial numeracy) and have led research, curriculum and professional learning projects for education authorities across Australia.

This page is a compilation of guiding frameworks, curriculum tools and resources that Carly and Jill have developed to support school leaders and teachers to design innovative finance-related programs and lessons.

Carly and Jill work with industry partners to design and deliver short courses via Deakin’s Professional Learning Education Hub.



Financial education: Questions of what and how and who

Useful tools

The financially capable young person

10 things young people can learn from financial education

Finance-related curriculum review tool

Thought pieces

Relevant projects

Mathematical Modelling Lessons, Victorian Department of Education, 2023-24

Changemakers in Financial Education, Department for Education South Australia, 2024-25

Economics + Maths = Financial Capability, Ecstra Foundation, 2021-22



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