Teachers deliberating practice: the Aurora School project

The challenge

This 3-year research project is a collaboration between Deakin University researchers and the principal, leaders, and staff of the Aurora School. The project aims to establish a research culture that supports knowledge building through evidence that leads to practice change relating to play-based pedagogy to improve young deaf and hard of hearing children’s communication and language.

Project overview

This project aims to explore the impact of the research design, especially the methodology (Critical Participatory Action Research — CPAR), in its ability to both capture change in teachers’ practice and empower teachers to confidently research their own practice, thus creating a self-sustaining model. This study will focus on supporting teachers and professionals at Aurora School to embed a play-based learning and teaching approach to improve young deaf and hard of hearing children’s communication and language. Changes to practices and child outcomes will be captured as indicators of the effectiveness of the CPAR approach.


The Aurora School staff, working in collaboration with the Deakin research team, will design resources to aid the sustainability of the newly established research culture within the school.

The Deakin research team will also work with the school leaders and teachers who participated in researching their own practice during the project to support conference presentations at national and international conferences.


Aurora School


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participatory action research, play-based learning, teachers and professionals working with young deaf and hard of hearing students, communication and language, education research