Toward data justice in Australian schools

The challenge

The use of digital technologies in schools has led to systematic data collection, which reconfigures schooling processes and interpersonal relationships and presents new risks to staff and students. Although there are laws in place to protect students’ rights, there are hidden consequences to using digital technologies. This project will provide detailed, fine-grained analysis of how data circulates within and beyond schools and investigate the implications this has on young people’s learning and development.

Project overview

This project will investigate how data collection, use and disclosure is experienced and understood in schools. It will identify the role played by intermediaries, such as tech brokers, educational authorities and professional networks. Through a series of collaborative workshops between school staff and other key stakeholders in the tech industry and education, it will develop protocols, guidelines and policy recommendations on just data use in schools.


The project will have practical, educational and research benefits. For school staff, it will increase understanding of data generation, processing and feedback and provide them with a list of strategies to help procure digital technologies and ensure their data practices are just. As the main beneficiaries of this project, young people should have greater privacy and a more equitable schooling experience as a consequence of this study. Benefits include policy recommendations, protocols and guidelines for data justice in schools. Benefits include policy recommendations, protocols and guidelines for data justice in schools.

Project team

Dr Luci Pangrazio


1 March 2023 to 28 February 2026


Australian Research Council, Discovery Early Career Researcher Award (DECRA)


education policy, sociology and philosophy, sociology of education, secondary education, schools and learning environments not elsewhere classified, e-infrastructures


education policy, data collection, secondary education, digital technologies, digital data