Learners in a Digital World

This theme acknowledges that learning occurs across complex formal and informal contexts. It is concerned with exploring the diverse effects of digitalisation on everyday life, identity, education systems and the broader organisation of civic and political society. REDI researchers generate deep knowledge about learners and learning across early childhood, young people’s worlds, higher and adult education, and teacher education. Our concern is with social injustice and inequality through the effects of platformization and datafication. Through interdisciplinary collaboration, our researchers explore how individuals and the multi-layered structure of the complex digital world interact to reframe learner identities, where and how learning occurs, and the nature of knowledge production. We work creatively within innovative learning environments to understand and advance the ways that the digital affords opportunities and supports learners throughout their lives, learning and work.

Partnership opportunities

To discuss how we can design a Deakin REDI educational program or research partnership for your organisation, contact:

Director Partnerships
Head of School (Education)
Professor Damian Blake
Phone: +61 3 5227 1440

Manager, Educational Projects
Dr Andy Brader