STEM Education for Sustainable Futures

This theme foregrounds the potential and challenges associated with disciplinary and interdisciplinary reasoning and learning, acknowledging the critical role of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) in educating for sustainable, equitable environmental, societal and work futures. Research in this theme is strongly grounded in the practices of educators, institutions and systems, and committed to innovative inter/disciplinary pedagogies, transformative curricular practices, teacher identities and professional learning, and school and system change. Our research focus extends from early childhood to adult learning settings. Associated with an ethically informed futures focus our research seeks to develop capabilities such as critical and creative reasoning, modelling and design associated with contemporary STEM practices, student agency and citizenship, and equity in relation to STEM participation.

STEM education programs

Studying and supporting STEM teachers, their practice and learning, and school change

  • Teaching across subject boundaries
  • Secondary mathematics and science initiative for out of field teachers
  • Primary mathematics and science specialist program
  • Primary teachers’ adaptive expertise in interdisciplinary maths and science
  • STEM Education Conference

Exploring innovative and contemporary STEM practices, partnerships, futures

  • Girls as leaders in STEM
  • STEM and entrepreneurship in primary schools 
  • Tech Schools Evaluation

Promoting critical and creative reasoning and learning in STEM

  • Enriching mathematics and science: An interdisciplinary approach
  • Multimodal languages and learning in science
  • Bringing authentic science into schools

Research methodologies in STEM

  • Contemporary approaches to research in STEM

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The Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Environmental Education (STEME) research group operates within a strong and vibrant educational research culture at Deakin, aligned with the Centre for Research for Educational Impact (REDI).

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